Book Descriotion

My Super-Duper Hair-Growth  Journey book not only fulfills my mission of healing the world and my community  through creativity for stress management, but chronicles my journey of extreme hair loss. Aside from the stress of the Covid-19 pandemic, I suffered the loss of my bountiful tresses via mismanagement  of my perm. Because so many people approached me in awe of my rapid hair-growth to full restoration in less than a year,  I was inspired to write an interactive, customized book to share my success. 

I desired for everyone to have a unique experience with the book, thus I was compelled to customize each book. Further information , including purchasing, is provided at 

Below are a few slides of my journey. You can follow up with my YouTube videos of this journey coming soon.  Please like and subscribe for any videos you see on my channel, as you desire, under Ameedah Mawalin. 

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Dec. 16, 2021