Exquisite, colorful, eye-catching prints of my original artwork, photography, graphics

The products on this site are used to fund the site itself and my mission of healing the world and my community through the arts and stress management. I offer free stress management training within certain stipulations.  For more information, please contact me via CONTACT ME!


Description of artwork: 

I have further enhanced the artwork by blending it with my new computer graphic designs and photography to make it really pop.

Captured in the finished masterpieces are my vintage and contemporary original hand-drawings, photography, and hand-made collages characterized as Renaissance art, often thematic and controversial, reflecting western influence enriched by an Afrasian (African-Asian) flair.  Line drawings, stenciling, marker painting, montage, collage, paper cut-out, photography, and mosaic techniques captivate the artworks depicted in one to three-dimensional variations.


Description of Publications:

The publications in this section are either published by ASPM-Sapphire With  Passion on Amazon and other online resources or printed or with AuthorHouse as specified. See BOOK TRAILERS.


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