Spoken Word for Stress Management

Dear Audience, 

I began writing poetry in 1993 and reciting in 1996.  From this evolved spoken word performance.  My signature piece is "Midnight Brew" which I perform avidly at most spoken word venues.  My book, Ebony Sonnets, will debut at the third annual Books n' Brunch Gala hosted by Darryl Harvey, a seasoned wordsmith and author himself.  In the meantime, I will have available, in person, a wall poster featuring my signature piece. 

Ebony Sonnets is a complete book of simple rhymes, except for two pieces, featuring revolution, relationships/romance, community, faith/belief, unity/personal growth, children, and lastly, The Darkside. 

Hope to see you around.  My stage name is Bodi, the Coffee Lady. 

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