Summary & Conclusion

I would like to take this time to summarize everything I have said in this blog regarding stress management and its devastating effects. 

Stress is caused by activating the Fight or Flight Syndrome with no real enemy to fight or life-threatening event.   Hence, the physical changes that would normally occur when there is an enemy to fight or there is an actual life-threatening event have no release and thus may trigger chronic disorders such as asthma, hypertension, anxiety and depression, to name a few—all stress related.

Negative thinking habits can also trigger stress.  We have learned that thoughts are not truths but simply a gamut of ideas, suggestions, perceptions, etc., that can sometimes be imposed on others, thus causing inappropriate behavior and intentions toward them.  The disappointments, feeling of low esteem, sadness, and anger can have a negative and devastating effect upon the nervous system and trigger other bodily dysfunctions.

The breath is the life-force and essential to stress relief and overall good health when breathing is not faulty.  Faulty breathing begins with muscle tension and an inability to relax.  This coupled together builds up stress as it is borne of fear and other emotions that activate the Fight and Flight syndrome.

I also identified some of the stressors that may be affecting your life and causing harmful stress.  Although you may not be able to make the necessary lifestyle changes to remove the stressors, at least you can change your reaction with a different, more appropriate response. 

As stated previously, this is NOT a stress management training course, as training requires one-on-one or group response and interaction.   I have only been speaking in generalities to create awareness.   I pray that you will see how important stress management is, that it will cause you to pay closer attention to yourself, and perhaps take the necessary steps to begin to eradicate harmful stress from your life toward a more peaceful, healthy, and abundant life, improved relationships, and positive thinking.

I hope the videos were helpful.  Thank you very much for visiting my website and in advance for your support.


Sister Ameedah

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chelimela varshini

03.09.2019 13:14

s its a correct conclusion

Mchree De wong

14.12.2017 16:32

Thank you for Summarising this Article, it help me a lot During my Studies on one of my topic that related to stress.

Ameedah Mawalin

Oh, you're so welcomed! Warms my heart!

14.12.2017 16:40

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