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Welcome! My name is Sister Ameedah. Let me know how I'm doing. If you care to share comments about how stress affects you, the respiration process, or otherwise, please feel free to do so. I respond to emails promptly. They are directly linked to my cell phone.

Contrarily, if no email is left with your comment, I only receive a single-word message that I am unable to respond to or comprehend. Nevertheless, I appreciate your input. Thank you!

Thank you.

Email Website Jul. 7, 2018

Red Clover Reader


Pleasure to see that you'll be attending Soulful Chicago next weekend. We promote diversity in indie literature for kids. We might be able to feature you on our indie platform, but let's chat first. Shoot us an email at contact@redcloverreader.com

Email Oct. 26, 2015

Fahmeeda Hameed

Congratulations on your Red-boned series! I enjoyed reading Aquatic Adventure. There were no pictures, yet your writing created such clear and vivid images. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

Email Website May. 23, 2013


I write, I sing, I dance (Zumba), I create artistically, I talk with others, most of all I try to avoid stress.

Email May. 11, 2013

lord Asmar

i love this website. It has some very good information. I will definately recommend this website to other

Email May. 3, 2013

Zebobia Renee Finney

Good afternoon Beloved,
Beutiful day to be an artist. I am enjoying your website.The music is invitind to me.

Email Feb. 15, 2013

Phyllis S.

Sister Ameedah, You have outdone yourself. This is a fresh breath of knowledge that is needed. Thank you. Phyllis S.

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