Identifying Stressors

List Of Stressors That May Be Affecting Your Life

Following are stressors that could be affecting your life.   This is in no way a complete list or evaluation; only something to take under consideration.

Addiction;  Divorce; Death of spouse; Marital separation; Prison term; Death of close family members and friends; Personal injury or illness; Recent marriage; Marital problems; Loss of job or income; Retirement; Caretaker for elderly, parent or friend; Pregnancy, unwanted or otherwise; Sexual dysfunction; New grand parent; Death of a close friend or family member; Recently lost home or residence to eviction or fire; Promoted/Demoted at work; Sudden change in residence; Victim of crime; Insomnia; Recent unplanned weight gain or loss; Disfigurement; Kidney Problems; Recently-diagnosed illness; Hospitalization; Delinquent bills; Domestic violence victim; Loss of senses (hearing, vision, etc.); Loss of spousal income; Trouble with in-laws; Empty nest syndrome; Mortgage, car, or other large loan; Business failure; Approaching middle age/menopause; Insufficient Income; Living in impoverished violent neighborhood; Long-distance driving to and from work; Lack of education; Utilities shut off; Watching violence and crime in the media; Becoming a parent to grandchildren; Continuing education; New Job; Lack of support emotional or otherwise from spouse or mate; no spouse or mate --- loneliness, isolation; Fear of crowds, social situations; Despondence; Depression; Extreme anxiety.

Perhaps you can think of other circumstances in your life that may be causing harmful stress.

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