The Connection Between My Spiritual Ministry and Breath

Videos on respiration available under Stress Relief Video section.

Videos on respiration available under Stress Relief Video section.

The word “spirit” derives from the Latin word spiritus implying breathing or to breathe.

The word “minister” derives from the latin word minis or ministrare implying servant, to act as servant, attend.

The word “breath” derives from the middle to old English words breth, breeth, implying smell, exhalation, vapor and from the German word Brodem implying vapor or steam.

Normally, it is not a good practice to supersede etymology or the study of the origin of words with definitions, however, I will apply them in order that you may know the context from which I speak.

Spirit shall be defined as the principle of conscious life, the life-force, the breath; that which can be controlled; that which brings healing, empowerment, and connection. 

Breath shall be defined as the air inhaled and exhaled in respiration, life, vitality, life-force.

Minister shall be defined as a calling to render service, comfort, support, or care.  For me a calling looks and feels like a revelation; a compulsion to do something I am born or destined to do despite my resistance.

Experience has shown me that until I learn to relax, let go, and trust the power within there remains an unconscious internal struggle that blocks my ability to function peacefully, wholesomely, and effortlessly, despite prayer.   That most of what I need I already have within me and my connection with the universe if only I would declutter my mind and trust my inner voice and instincts.  Hence, with proper breathing, positive thoughts, muscle tension release, and relaxation, this can aid the decluttering process so that I can hear the messages relayed to me and thus respond accordingly and appropriately such that I will develop more confidence and make sounder nobler decisions.   Whether this is here nor there for you, again these are my feelings, perceptions, and judgments, and I own them with no expectation from you other than perhaps to give it some consideration as it applies to you.  

More to come….

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