A soup of fantasy, sci-fi, cringe-humor human interest short stories

Following are a few descriptions of these bizarre whimsical stories, all with unexpected twists.

- A woman is self-loathing and negative and finds herself facing dramatic situations.

- A woman encounters Ms. V, a dowdy lady, at a club, and is clueless how she landed such a fine boyfriend.  She maniacally competes for his attention and popularity.

- A woman is trapped on a dreadful island with no hope of rescue or escape.

- A man works late at night and is abruptly attacked by a creature. Did he survive?

- A delusional intoxicated yuppie makes a wrong turn after an office party that evokes claustrophobia and hysteria.

- ConMan is a menace to everyone he encounters and is difficult to shake, yet a lifesaver.

- Two friends are harboring a secret during a dating party they co-host.

- A choice can be made between life or the afterlife at the time of birth and is irreversible.

- Kids brutalize and backstab each other while playing in the backyard at a family dinner.

- A lonely widower disguises his live-in girlfriend as a maid, his children none the wiser, who’d forbidden him to replace their mom.

- A woman struggles vehemently to overcome her ferocious sugar addiction.