One to Three by Ramona Sapphire

The perils and lessons of dating spoof

eBook & softcover published by AuthorHouse


Tyrell had all kinda crazy going on. He was a normal red-blooded guy with laudable ambitions and needs. Formerly, he'd had women galore revolving around him like a turnstile. He reckoned he could simply keep playing the field recklessly despite the repercussions and consequences. And that'd worked for a hot minute until he’d narrowed it down to three. That's when he'd decided to choose and settle down.
     It all started under a full moon and crisp starry night when the four strangers were among the massive cruisers aboard the same midnight pajama jamboree party boat, the Naughtycal King and Queen Cruiseliner, this past Summer. Tyrell, a charismatic savvy mechanic, had taken this opportunity to hustle with flyers about his services.
     Ashley and Regina, a couple of harebrained avid bus riders, mind you, thirstily phoned Tyrell the following afternoon. Months later, Tamara, rather straight-laced, needed an oil change and Tyrell was running a special. And the games began…



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