Duffle Trouble by Ramona Sapphire

This publication is the children's edition of a short story published in my adult fiction book, Five Short Tales.  Adult because the language is more sophisticated in that book. The language has been simplified to suit children ages 10 years and up in this version. 

This book falls under the genre of cringe humor and is not for the wimpy and a little edgy.  Nevertheless, it has an extremely urgent caveat for children and parents regarding child trafficking and another matter.  It is a must-read and should absolutely be followed to the very end or may be misconstrued. I have tested this story on my 12-year-old granddaughter who thoroughly enjoyed it on the edge of her seat as I read it to her. 


As the story goes...

Little Frankie defies his parents and does the unthinkable. He was short on his purchase one day, thus accepted money from a kindly stranger in a local grocer. The kindly stranger learned his routine and surfaced every day thereafter. Knowing what his preference was, on the last day Little Frankie was seen, he was lured to the trunk of the kindly stranger’s vehicle and offered a humongous bag of assorted candies as a gift.


Unsurprisingly, Little Frankie never made it home as the kindly stranger offered him a ride. Immediately, Little Frankie was sedated with a formaldehyde-soaked rag, bound and gagged, and tossed into a duffle bag. 


It was the year 2020 and untoward children were being abducted right and left. They became stowaways via driverless vehicles, taken to lakes, and deposited and paddled away in canoes to faraway lands for child labor. Did Little Frankie ever see his parents again? This story is chockful of humor, despite the subject matter, and concludes with a jaw-dropping twist.   Recommended for children 10+ years and their parents.