Carry-On by Ramona Sapphire

A case of switched carry-on spoof

eBook & softcovr published by AuthorHouse


“Look, I can explain, p-p-please don’t shoot!”
     Kenna was livid and pointing the revolver dead at her husband, James’ head. He was one clip short of getting blown away.
     “It’s not what it looks like, I swear!”
     “Kick rocks, heifer! she spewed at Molly, cocking the revolver.
     “Please, just listen!” said James. L-let me tell you what hap…”
     “Did I stutter? I said shut up Bobble Head before I pull this trigger!”


Ulyssa was floored. The red carry-on bag she held was buzzing. She’d just returned to her apartment from her flight. Her gaze swiveled between her cell phone and the bag. Was she trippin'? How could this be?


BAM! Calvin was hit so hard, his torso ejected like toast from a toaster and body-slammed against the street pavement. Spectators surrounded the victim like ants. There were numerous cell phones sneak-snapping amid cries of “Oh shit!” “Did you see that?” “Is he dead?”    

     The taxi driver scurried out of the cab to his side. “Oh lawd! What have I done to this poor fella? Why’d he run out in front of me like that? Are you okay?”

   A set of heels galloped toward the direction of the accident. Claudia was mortified at what she’d just witnessed. Yet she mumbled coyly, “Well, so much for having my way with him…”



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