Featured Artist, Desirae Anderson. Honoring Our Youth.

Drawings of featured youth Desirate Anderson

Desirae & Ameedah @ Sisters on a Journey, I AM WE, 2012

The Role Of Stress In Artistic Expression & Creativity

Artistic expression and creativity is the third corridor to my ministry.   In this corridor, I will be expressing myself creatively and encouraging others to do so via a series of workshops and interaction with other like minds.


Artistic expression and creativty was and is one of my most powerful methods of dealing with stress.  Under this method, many people explore and excel in such areas as poetry, art, dance, writing, cooking, sewing, gardening, fashion, computer graphics, music, entertainment, and more.


As such, I would like to dedicate this section at this time to uploading events and activities relative to artistic expression and creativity.  Help support the dreams and ambitions of our youth and others while reducing stress.   Feel free to visit my guest book with your online contact information so I can retrieve your advertisements and upload them to the site which will be hand-picked at my discretion and as I deem appropriate and space permits.    Examples would be poetry readings, dance recitals, plays, musical venues, art instructors, music instructors, creative workshops, lessons, classes, craft fairs, recording studios, videographers, printers, suppliers, etc.  Business cards are welcome.


I'd also like to dedicate this section to fun activities and links to help to reduce stress.  See the subsections listed below. 




DISCLAIMER:  I hold myself or my affiliates to be in no way responsible whatsoever for the persons or content of such advertisements and displays nor shall they represent the opinions, judgments, or content of this site. 


Apr. 18, 2013

I encourage you to e-mail me your business cards, advertisements, photos, and any noteworthy news to be selected for publishing at my discretion on a first-come, first-served basis.

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